Vernissage at Style et couleur Gallery
(Chambly) - December 2010

Julie Turconi
Photo © Marielle Jasmin


Julie Turconi is a Montreal-based multidisciplinary self-taught artist working in painting and mixed media, photography, drawing, storytelling, and writing (poetry, short stories, and a novel – so far).
She’s been practising various martial arts for more than a decade, and her artwork reflects her way of life and philosophy: all of her creative work is a tribute to the Qi, the lifeforce energy that forms part of everything.
Julie has started to exhibit her work in 2010, mostly in and around Montreal. She is now looking to take the next step.

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Artist Statement

My work is a reflection of life itself. I capture little things, transient and therefore precious moments, wether they’re organic or human, that remind us of the brevity of life. My pieces of work are like visual haikus, defined by simplicity and poetry. All of my creative work is a tribute to the Qi, the lifeforce energy that forms part of everything. It’s an illustration of the concept of yin and yang, and the fluctuation of energy and life, from light to shadows, from dream to reality, from life to death, and vice versa.
I like to question our acts as humans on this planet (as in my Teddy bear photo series, for instance). My charcoal portraits also reflect the Human Condition in its fragile and universal sense. Although as imperfect as humanity is, they invite you to open your heart, and to FEEL.

Note: I often integrate poems and haikus (in French only) to my visual work. See, for exemple:
Catharsis, Tempus fugit, Impromptu(s)

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